Chiropractic Treatment of Headaches

One of the theories behind chiropractic care is that since the brain controls the body, and its pathway to communication is the spinal column and nerves, that keeping the spinal column straight and open increases better communication and better functioning. When the spine has subluxations, or misalignments, then the irritated nerves cause pain, and adjusting those to bring the spine back into alignment causes an irritated and restricted pathway to open up to relieve the pain and just work better.

Probably one of the most common complaints a chiropractor hears about is headache. One of the common occurrences with headaches is that the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and upper back tighten and pull vertebrae out of alignment. By seeking chiropractic care to realign the vertebrae, the nerve irritation is reduced which brings immediate relief and reduces the chance of reoccurrence with regular treatment.

Keep in mind that chiropractic treatments are not necessarily meant to treat the symptoms of headache conditions, but rather are meant to treat the whole body to make it function better. While a common side effect of chiropractic treatments are headache relief, immediate relief may not happen, but a lessening of rebound and repeat headaches will happen over time, with the ultimate goal being headache free living.

Since not all headaches are the same, using chiropractic alone may not solve all your problems. Migraine sufferers, for example, may get relief from chiropractic care, but it may not solve all their problems. This may be due to a diet and chemical component to the particular type of migraine. Lifestyle and dietary choices may be exasperating a migraine condition, so keeping a food and lifestyle diary to understand the additional components to the particular condition may be necessary. Once the offending foods or actions are found, they can be eliminated from life, thus making chiropractic care more effective.

The best part about seeking chiropractic care for headaches is that the treatments are drug free. Many drugs work to treat headaches, but the problem is not the relief felt, but the side effect of the medications taken. Many pain relievers cause or can make an existing condition worse. Some pain relievers raise blood pressure, some cause weight gain, and almost all of them can cause what is called the rebound effect. The rebound effect is when pain relievers are taken, they relieve the pain, but then the pain comes right back when the medication wears off; putting the pain sufferer in a constant cycle of feeling pain and taking medication to relieve it. This can have the pain sufferer taking so many medications that they are no longer effective or in the worst case, causing the user to become addicted to the medications. Chiropractic care can help avoid or break those cycles.

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